Using Yahoo Answers In Order To Drive Traffic Towards Your Internet Site

As many of you may know website traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. In order for someone’s body to remain functioning the heart has to pump blood throughout the body. And if you want your internet site to make cash and be profitable you have to ensure you are getting traffic to this web site every single day. One of the techniques I use very successfully for producing web site traffic to my sites is Yahoo Answers.

For individuals unaware of what Yahoo answers is, it is a program that allows individuals to ask questions and allows other people to answer them. I should also point out that the visitors which are on Yahoo answers today may wind up being totally different visitors tomorrow. You are going to also find that when these folks find the answer they’re looking for, if there is a link in that answer pointing to a site they’re going to usually go to check this website out. And just so you comprehend, this is the same strategy I use to generate website traffic.

So by joining this program and answering people’s questions you’re going to also have the ability to leave links inside your answers. For instance let’s say you have a web page that promotes weight loss programs. At this time all you have to do is search the Yahoo Answers for any person asking questions concerning weight loss programs. Now you can look through the questions about weight loss, find a question that you have the answer to, answer the person’s question and also leave a link to your weight loss website. The majority of the time you will see that when you leave a link in your answer the person who asked the question is going to go check out your site.

You might be saying to yourself that obtaining one visitor for all that work doesn’t seem worth it, but now that your answer and website link are permanently on Yahoo, this one answer may generate hundreds or thousands of website visitors with time. You ought to understand that the page which has your answer will end up being indexed in the search engines. You need to bear in mind that many men and women have the same questions and if your answer, answers these questions, people will have the ability to find your answer in the major search engines and follow it through to your internet site. Some questions may end up getting 20 or 30 different answers from different men and women, and these men and women that are also answering this very same question might be curious about your link and follow it to your site.

For people who want to start driving immense quantities of traffic using Yahoo answers, the key will likely be answering a minimum of 10 questions every day with a link to your internet site. If you do this every single day for at least one year you should understand that you are building over 3500 high quality back-links to your site. The major search engines will end up making use of these back-links to rank your internet site higher in their search engine results.

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