Many People Don’t Understand The Importance Of Cloaking Affiliate Links

With regards to affiliate advertising I’m sure you comprehend that the links that are provided to you by the owners of the product are generally large and ugly. And for those of you wondering why more folks aren’t clicking on your affiliate links you need to comprehend that when they’re cloaked this is something individuals be more apt to click on. There are different methods that individuals can in fact use to cloak their affiliate links and you’re going to find that certain methods will be much more effective than other methods. Needless to say not all link cloaking will be effective and on this page we are going to look at a number of the methods you need to use with regards to cloaking your links.

Loads of individuals don’t realize the significance of cloaking an affiliate link but you should understand that when men and women see a long link they’re less apt to click on it. Something many folks don’t realize would be the fact that a short link is something people click on considerably more often than any sort of longer link. If you figure out how to cloak your affiliate links correctly you won’t just wind up getting more clicks but folks are going to think that the link itself will bring them directly to the affiliate page without knowing it’s an affiliate page.

I’m sure many of you’ve heard of a web site known as tinyURL or, and these are actually two ways you are able to end up shortening an affiliate link. Because these services are extremely well known for people who are looking to cloak affiliate links many folks will see a link with these in them and still avoid them. So while the services can be used it is something you need to stay away from mainly because it is going to not necessarily increase your click through rate.

If you want to cloak your affiliate links but do not make them look like they are cloaked links, you will find that having your own domain is something which will be required so you are able to redirect people using sub domains. Obviously this isn’t something that is free and you will need to buy a domain name and a hosting account to be able to do this, but you need to keep in mind that the hosting account needs to allow you to produce sub domains without limits. When configuring your redirect, you simply produce a sub domain with the name of the product you are promoting, and redirect that sub domain to point to your affiliate link. The reason something such as this can be so effective is mainly because when someone sees a URL like,, they’re going to be more apt to click on it compared to a long affiliate link.

By now you should understand how important it’s to cloak your affiliate links if you would like to make certain that you are getting more clicks. Affiliate links are long and ugly and do not fit into e-mail advertising and marketing that well, but you need to realize that a cloaked link will go with an e-mail very nicely and keep the e-mail looking nice and neat.

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