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How to use a domain registration checker

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If you a registering a domain name for your new website, it is helpful to use a domain registration checker first to validate if that domain name is already taken. A domain registration checker is a very valuable web service often sought by new website owners when for researching for domain names. They are usually free and very easy to use so it is very beneficial for anyone planning to register a new domain name.

It is a common practice fro most people to skip the process of visiting a domain registration checker to validate the availability of a domain name. You can directly go to the web address that you are going to register and find out if it is already taken. However, this is a highly inaccurate method of checking for a domain name so it’s still better to use a domain registration checker just to be sure.

Most of the time, a domain registration checker service checks the WHOIS database to process queries about the availability of a domain name. As soon as anyone registers a domain name, it is necessary requirement for the domain name registrar to submit that person’s personal contact information to the WHOIS database by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). By doing so, anyone interested can accurately validate if a domain name is taken using a domain registration checker that uses a WHOIS search tool.

Furthermore, a domain name checker is very useful to new web owners since it can provide information about the domain name if it is already taken. This is important if you really need that domain name badly, especially if it is an inactive domain and the owner has no plans of actually using it. The information that you can source out largely depends on the type of listing of the domain in the WHOIS database and it includes very relevant information such as domain name registrar, the owner of the domain, and some contact details of the owner. Nevertheless, if you can easily contact the domain name registrar then you do increase your chances of getting that domain name. Furthermore, the domain name checker also displays the registration details of a particular domain so you can know if it is about to expire.

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