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Finding Safe Freeware Data Backup

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If you’ve been on the Internet longer than ten minutes, you know that there are a lot of scams to be found there. Everyday, there seems to be more bad news about the rise in identity theft and internet fraud. But there are also a lot of free, useful programs to be found on the Internet, such as free data backup programs. How can you distinguish genuinely helpful freeware data backup from the scam programs that can put malware onto your computer?

Go To PC World

“PC World” is one of the leading computer magazines on the planet. Although the magazine is great, this writer prefers PC World’s website. They are sort of like the “Consumer Reports” of shareware and paid programs. They also determine what programs are safe, what are out of date and have a place for readers to rant or rave about the specific program. There are direct links to download the freeware data backup programs right in their reviews.

You still have to have your common sense about you when deciding on the freeware backup download program for you. If you see that the program hasn’t been updated in several years, then you know that it might not be compatible with your computer, your music files or latest version of Abode php documents. One good thing about “PC World” reviews of freeware data backup is that they mention when the last version was released.

Terms Of Use Window

Whenever you download any computer program, whether it’s for freeware data backup, Abode, a media player or whatever, there is always a terms of use screen that comes up. This screen is a contract between you and the company that produced the freeware data backup program. It’s the screen that no one really bothers reading. Below the screen, you have to click an “I Accept” button in order for the download to continue.

If your freeware data backup program begins to download without showing you a terms of use screen, abort the download. Turn the whole computer off if you have to and reboot. No terms of use screen is usually the sign of malware or a pirated copy of a legitimate program with some sort of malware added.

Computer Security Software

Before even go online, you should have the latest updates of a computer security program. You need at least a firewall and an anti-virus program. This will help pick out any scam programs before it’s too late.

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